Quality from Gate to Plate

Alliance Group (NZ) Ltd sources product from Alliance’s modern processing plants, strategically positioned throughout New Zealand to match livestock availability.

Alliance purchases over 85% of its lamb direct from farmers. This ensures we have a good understanding of the farming conditions under which the animals were born and reared, as well as a thorough knowledge of the farming practices carried out.

Only lambs in prime condition are selected for the UK market. Alliance’s unique ‘2D’ imaging system is used to grade every lamb processed, ensuring both grading consistency and quality standards are met for our discerning overseas customers.

Comprehensive quality assurance systems, including ISO and HACCP, are in place at all Alliance’s processing plants. The systems are subject to rigorous independent audits against internationally recognized standards (such as those of the British Retail Consortium), and underpin the quality process. Our commitment to quality continues right the way through the supply chain, from farm to consumer. In fact, our watchword is quality – it always has been, and it always will be.

At Alliance Group (NZ) Ltd, we work in partnership with major retailers, manufacturers and independent food processors to better understand the ever changing requirements of the market and consumer needs. Through the cooperative ownership structure of our parent company, Alliance Group (NZ) has a direct link back to the farm gate, enabling changes to be quickly communicated back to the producers themselves.

Our quality chain starts on the farms of Alliance’s shareholder-suppliers and ends with satisfied customers.

New Zealand Lamb