Sales and Service

Professional, Proactive approach

Alliance Group (NZ) Ltd want to be your preferred supplier by developing a partnership with you, understanding your needs and providing solutions to your businesses problems.

We can provide you with a complete service package through:

  • dedicated account management
  • technical and product support
  • shipping and delivery expertise
  • complete administrative back-up

Wholesale and Manufacturing

A selection of meat

Alliance Group (NZ) Ltd provides a full range of wholesale products for catering butchers, manufacturers, independent wholesalers and processors.

These products can be produced specifically to meet the needs of your business, with delivery arranged according to your requirements - all year round.

New Zealand lamb is a consistently high-quality ingredient found in a wide range of ready-to-eat chilled and frozen meals. From pies and burgers to the mini-banquets that are today’s ready meals, we already supply some of the biggest names in the business.

Our range of products includes:-

  • A full range of New Zealand lamb and mutton cuts (bone-in and boneless)
  • Frozen New Zealand lamb carcasses
  • Offal
  • Chilled and frozen venison
  • Chilled and frozen beef

All sheepmeat products are available as Halal Certified

Food Service

Every day in hotels, restaurants, pubs and staff canteens, consumers are exposed to new ideas, new recipes and new products.

Television celebrity chefs give credence to the skills of the restauranteur, and in doing so encourage the adventurous home consumer.

At Alliance Group (NZ) Ltd we know that the growth of our business is closely linked to the food service sector, and we can assist by giving you:

  • Specialist catering cuts
  • Consistent quality
  • Continuity of supply
  • Advice on alternative raw material options
  • Guaranteed delivery


Through our involvement with the major supermarket chains, we have a better understanding of their customers needs. We know that providing a top-quality product is no longer enough, on its own, to guarantee success in today’s market. As consumers want to know more and more about the products that they are buying, we are being asked to provide much more information about farming practices, animal welfare regimes and product traceability. With the comprehensive systems we have in place within Alliance Group and Alliance Group (NZ) Ltd, we can readily do this. Thinking retail is a two way process. By working more closely with our retail customers we can increase the demand for lamb.

Our retail range includes:

  • customer specific frozen retail packs
  • a complete range of chilled lamb products
Enjoying New Zealand Lamb